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Percussion Gun

April 2010
Personal Project 

Software used : After Effects and Cinema 4D.

I was taking Advanced Motion Graphics at the Academy of Art in SF and came across this video by White Rabbits, Percussion Gun from their album Its Frightening.

This is around the same time that I had just started using Cinema 4D and Nick Campbell aka Greyscale Gorilla had just released his HDRI lighting kit.

Messing around with the Move Null from CS tools and The Lighting Kits Ring Light, I figured out how to make this lighting rig from the music video inside cinema 4D. Here’s a link to the cinema file, it’s over a year old so it’s a little on the messy side, but if anyone wants to see how I did it feel free.

There are two Xpresso Nodes One at the top level that controls all the basics and another inside the Ring cloner for all the math pertaining to the ring itself.

Audio : Percussion Gun by White Rabbits, from their album Its Frightening

CS Tools
(I got it from the professor but Nick is currently doing a series of tutorials on it check it out)

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