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Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython
Monopoly – Mython

Monopoly – Mython

December 2010

School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Class: Scripting 
Instructor: Mauricio “Maucci” Baiocchi

Software used : Maya 2011.

Programming Language : Python and MEL

For my final for the scripting class we got to choose what we want to do. My undergrad was in programming along with other things and the one thing I missed was programming for games. I wanted to make a playable game inside Maya. A daunting task for me at the time so I chose something turn based and with a strict set of structures and rules. My-thon is an interesting language. (Blended MEL and Python).

This was a 6 week project and It took me right up till the morning of class to get it done. Everything is controlled via buttons and an adaptive user interface. Maya has one of the clunkiest menu creation systems and was definitely not built as a gaming engine. Its a multiplayer game and I was not exactly in a position to write the AI in 6 weeks. Therefore it is purely user controlled. Anything and Everything that you can do in Monopoly has been coded in, from chance, community cards etc to Buying, selling properties, houses, hotels, mortgaging and much much more!

Here is a link to it.

A run-down of how to run the game. Since I couldnt exactly create a setup file heres a list of instructions. You might need to know basic code or at-least how to search and edit code.

Step 1 : Copy the “Info” directory into wherever you want to store the Files.

Step 2 : Open the file in whatever programming environment. (I use notepad ++). By default I have set the directories as “F:\Monopoly\” you need to replace this with the path where you have saved your “Info” directory. You need to change it in 2 places. Lines429, 1541.

Step 3 : Start Maya up (I used 2011) . It works perfectly on a PC, had a few issues on a MAC, (code issues).

Step 4: Copy Paste the contents of into the script area. (Look at image 2 in the slide show above) Select all of it and run it using the green play button on the top, refer to image.

Step 5 : Play!

Just a few after thoughts. This is the default or “classic” version of Monopoly. To change it to any of your favorite variations just change the contents of the .dat files. (image 6 in the slide show). Oh and change the board texture in Maya by opening the PSD in the info folder, put in your own image (leave the dice shadow please) and voila :) Contact me if you run into any problems.

Also had some ideas, network this maybe for multi-player or write computer AI?

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