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Fragmented Memories

May 2011

School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Class: Live Cinema 
Instructor: Colin Evoy Sebesteyen

Team : Vidur Gupta, Peter Bagely, Fergus Dieu, Yin Weihung

Artist’s Statement of Intent

Take into account how each unique person recalls their memories.  Memories are bits and pieces scattered throughout the area in the brain responsible for storing memory.  Essentially, all memories are broken into fragments/pieces that are recreated the moment you recall that memory.  These fragments are then retrieved and pieced back together using an intricate formula of processes within the brain.  The underlying theme of this installation is that of fragmented memories.  With this piece, we aim to explore the obscure visual recollection process, often overlooked when exposing the inner mechanisms of human memory.

This installation is our visual interpretation of how we as humans recall memory.  More specifically how memories are recreated within our brains and how facts and discrepancies can manifest during the recollection process.  Utilizing the three core processes of memory; recall, encoding and storage, each one is realized respectively via their according objects/devices within the installation.

The collective extracted memories (storage) of six unique individuals are represented by the bio-luminescent fluid flowing from the IV bottle.  These aggregate memories are passed (recall) to the machine to be processed for the next stage of the recollection process. The memories are then defragmented by the machine and monitor that reflects our interpretation of how the human brain recalls and displays memories.  The final stage involves reproducing the decoding (encoding) process of the procedure as represented by the user interactive controller.

I was responsible for the physical installation and also cut together the video above.

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