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Cabin in the Woods

On Dec 22nd 2012. 4 friends decided to spend a weekend in a cabin… This is the true story of what happened.

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Audio : Cool Scene by The Dandy Warhols

Equipment :

  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon D90
  • Nikkor 85mm
  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikkor 35mm
  • Nikkor 18-105mm
  • Gorilla pod

Post Mortem

  • Dont shoot footage wiht the 35mm. Its trash
  • Shoot footage with the 85mm!
  • 1080p has issues. 720p is worse
  • dont worry about shooting at 1/50th. its too fuzzy anyways.
  • Timelapse still looks best
  • Driving car footage is bad. (Timelapse it)
  • Dont shoot front on. angle it slightly youll get better views and itll be less cars on road.
  • Shoot a bit of the dash or car hood for stabalization.
  • Get heavier tripod
  • Dont forget tripod at home (DRIVE BACK AND GET IT)
  • Nightime timelapse with the moon in the corner is AWESOME
  • Find a way to incorporate myself
  • Dont comp all the footage before hand. Wait till there is a linear order with a song and then make the colors tranistion from shot to shot so its not too Jarring.
  • Shoot footage of Dhruvi (or she will be pissed)
  • Shoot Footage of place you’re staying at
  • Shoot footage of people! Drinking playing cooking etc
  • Colorista is awesome.
  • Lie down on the dirty ground more to shoot. footage looks cooler.
  • Leave microphone on. you never know when you can use the audio of things like ambient wind and waves.
  • Shoot a combination of motion and stationary footage.
  • Shoot footage of leaving SF!
  • Shoot small clips of random things
  • Dont be a bitch. wake up at 5am for sunrise.
  • Sunrise sunset shoot as timelapse not footage. (once again not with the 35 use the zoom lens 18mm) (light flares badly in lens)


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